Aslatua for beginners

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Join us on a journey into the world of Ghanaian percussion, as we delve into the art of Aslatua playing.
In this beginners workshop, you’ll discover the unique techniques and rhythms that make the Aslatua an essential part of Ghanaian music.
You’ll learn the fundamentals of holding and playing the Aslatua, exploring different shaking patterns, and producing a variety of rhythmic textures. You’ll develop your sense of timing, coordination, and groove, gaining confidence in your ability to create infectious rhythms, all while having fun with this unique instrument!
Time: July 22nd @6.30pm (AEST)
Location: This workshop will run simultaneously in our St.Kilda studio and online.

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 The Aslatua is a commonly used in Ghanaian music, particularly in genres like Highlife and Hiplife.
It’s made of a dried gourd with beads or seeds attached to its exterior.
The Aslatua is an integral part of traditional Ghanaian music ensembles, contributing to the lively and dynamic nature of the music.
The technique and rhythm involved in Aslatua playing are unique.
Its syncopated rhythms and the ability of skilled players to improvise and interact with other musicians in real-time make Aslatua playing unique.
In traditional Ghanaian music, the Aslatua often serves as a key element in driving the groove and enhancing the overall musical experience.
We’ll provide aslatuas during the workshop.
Our studio is located on 252 St.kilda Rd, St.Kilda VIC.


Ghanian performer

Odai Nmai

Odai Nmai comes from the vibrant musical township of Nungua on Accra’s outskirts.
A wonderful vocalist, Odai is a naturally gifted all round musician who is equally adept on flute as he is on a range of hand and stick percussion.
To watch Odai perform is to watch pure joy and positive energy in flow.
His teaching style reflects his generous nature and always has its roots embedded in his Ghanaian cultural background.