Teacher Video Hub

Teacher Video Hub

Following many requests from Teachers over the years, we have created the Teacher Video Hub – a resource centre for your African Drumming Facilitation needs

Our Hub gives you a broad range of rhythms for all ages, plus additional games, traditional songs and musical exercises to develop your students’ learning. We break things down for you as a teacher so you can digest and fast track your learning as quickly as possible.

We’ll be updating the hub with new content every month, so stay close to check out the new additions, and let us know if you have any requests.

Check out the Hub here


Enduro Djembe

Get a recording of previous Enduro Djembe sessions!
Our online Enduro djembe class is ​musical fitness for the body and mind!
Focus your mind, open your ears and relax your body – a non-stop rhythmic ride is about to begin!
Enduro Djembe is an uninterrupted journey designed to improve your listening skills and strengthen your sounds, stamina and solo repertoire. We begin with technique and build into a steady groove, layering solo phrases until the final crescendo one hour later.
Check out our available session recordings here

enduro djembe, djembe, drumming, african drumming, online, online classOnline Enduro Djembe Classes. Musical fitness for the body and mind!

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