About the Advanced Class

Suitable for Experienced and on-going students. This level is not for the faint-hearted!

What to Expect

The emphasis at the Advanced Level is on:

  • challenging time signatures
  • complex group solos
  • developing freestyle soloing
  • taking the lead djembe role
  • performance skills
  • dexterity

Our Advice

Although it’s by no means compulsory, students at this level should have their own djembe. Practice is needed beyond class to hold your own! Check out our range here – and don’t forget your Student Discount Card when you come into the Studio


How do I join?
Admission to this class is by invitation or expression of interest only. We’re always excited to see students advance, so talk to your teacher about moving up.

If you’re not within our School, you’re welcome to enquire. Drop Simon an email to discuss joining: [email protected]

Class Details

$ 30

paid at class

Day: Mondays
Time:  6:00pm – 8:00pm
Rate: $30 (paid at class)
Location: African Drumming,
252 St Kilda Rd, St Kilda

Simon Fraser


SSF headshotimon has been drumming his heart out all his life. Starting with plastic drum-kits and pots n pans a kid and then graduating to a drum kit, he’s played many styles of music and found his passion in West African rhythms. Annual trips to West Africa since the mid 1990’s have seen him collaborate with some of the regions’ great percussionists. Simon returns to the region every year in search of new music, running a Tour to Africa. His love and knowledge of rhythm translates to his teaching where he focuses on dexterity, pace, honouring tradition and having fun