About Us

We are dedicated to sharing the music and culture of West Africa in all that we do:

Through instrument making, workshops, study tours, and performances.

Our story and vision

 Our instruments and products

 Our workshops and performances

We are the largest African music store in Australia and we love our drums! We make our African djembes from the finest natural materials.
Through the years we’ve expended our shop to include a huge range of percussion, world music, and instrument making supplies, plus lots of accessories and resources to enrich the rhythm journey.

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With our huge network of seasoned facilitators and performers across Australia and New Zealand, we deliver unforgettable sessions:
From interactive kinder, school, and team building workshops, to corporate events, weddings, parties, and festivals.
Our sessions are inclusive, accessible, and can be tailored to any age or occasion.

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Our sustainability initiatives

  We are dedicated to giving back to our planet and ensuring our ventures are eco-friendly and sustainable.
We’re managing two Tree planting initiatives across two continents:

In Indonesia we are donating 5% of funds from the sale of every Indonesian djembe towards the “East-Java Plant a Tree Program.”

In Ghana our joint venture with registered NGO Denyigba is an exciting opportunity to re-forest hardwood mahogany: every time we sell an African drum, we plant and nurture a new Hardwood tree.