What to expect: Good Vibes Music & Wellness Retreat 2019

By November 23, 2018Blog

Our brand new music & wellness retreat is making its debut in March next year and we’ve got a heavy itinerary planned! We sat down with Good Vibes director Simon Fraser to get an insight into what guests can expect from the upcoming retreat:

Where did the concept of Good Vibes come from?

It’s been brewing for many years and it brings all my favourite things together! Drumming is obviously a long held passion, and so is Yoga …..I’ve also been inspired too through my wife Carla’s work and her knowledge of Eastern practices. She introduced me to the amazing Ramona who is presenting on the weekend. So in essence, we decided to hand pick an awesome group of inspiring facilitators for our first Good Vibes.

What made you choose the Great Otway National Park for the retreat?

Sokil is a special place. We are in deep bushland surrounded by animals and no neighbours. It’s a pure nature escape at a venue we have used for many years. There is something raw and lush about Sokil and it compliments our ethos of finding natural harmony and balance.

Can guests from any drumming/yoga/kalari background join?

Everyone is welcome! All levels, all backgrounds. We feel like the different activities (drumming/yoga/meditation/kalari) really compliment one another. All our Good Vibes teachers have alignment in their philosophies around movement and energy. It all starts from the ground up and we will be working towards harnessing our bodies pure kinetic potential in conjunction with mind and soul.

What do you want people to take away from the retreat?

We expect that people will find internal balance and a sense of groundedness at Good Vibes….Plus new connections and a little bit of serendipity.
We use this opportunity to embrace the nature force of the bush we are surrounded by and immerse ourselves in a series of wonderful workshops that will lift the spirit.

What are you most looking forward to at this retreat?

Meeting new people who are ready to open themselves to self discovery and experiencing how this exciting blend of modalities weaves its unique magic through the group. This is the first Good Vibes retreat so one really knows where we will find ourselves – it’s exciting!


Communal jams

Drumming for all levels, beginners, intermediates and advanced



Body Percussion

Kalari (Indian Martial Art)


Guided walks


March 1st – 3rd 2019


Sokil Eco Retreat, Great Otway National Park


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