Teacher Training @African Drumming

By March 22, 2016Blog

For 13 years we’ve been delivering our African Drumming Teacher Training Course around Australia & New Zealand with fantastic results. And we are about to kick off again in Melbourne and Oz wide.
The Course gives you the road-ready skills and resources you need to run successful drumming sessions.
We’ve seen the transformative nature of drumming first hand in our Classes & workshops. Drumming empowers, energises, and teaches people a skill they can be proud of: it’s what keeps us inspired.
The potential of African drumming lays in its accessibility and inclusivity. People of all ages, backgrounds and
abilities can learn to drum quickly; the learning curve is gentle. Basic playing skills can be learnt in a matter of minutes. The music can be easily adapted to any group and the music can be as simple or as complex as
you like.
Drumming is also about more than music: it exercises the brain and the body together. It teaches us how to work together, how to lead and be creative, and generates a real sense of inclusion. Drumming offers tools to explore themes that are important to all aspects of schooling and life: leadership and respect; self-expression and focus; synchronicity in diversity!

Teacher Training: Across Australia & NZ