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Tribalism Is Back In St Kilda! Friday September 19


Tribalism! Friday September 19! Really excited to be bringing the music to back to St Kilda, this cycle’s event happening at Metrapol Bar! We’ll be kicking things off at 8:00pm sharp so bring your dancing shoes, and djembe of course. Don’t forget the big end to the night… ALL IN JAM too!It’s going to be HUGE!


12-8 Bell Pattern Exer

  We have been working hard on our 12/8 bell patterns in the St Kilda Advanced class recently and it’s really coming together! Using our feet to feel the 6 pulse and playing 5 different bell patterns over the top, then combining them all musically; there is something different about a polyrhythmic Agogo Bell orchestra! […]

2014 Rhythm Bible & Instructional Pack!


Have you read your Bible lately? Where is your faith?Firmly in the doctrine of the djembe I hope!Check out our latest edition of our Rhythm Bible ( and CDs) with 25 awesome arrangements, exercises for dexterity and rhythm power; years of material to grow your playing! Get the Bible here: https://www.africandrumming.com.au/cart/rhythm-bible/ And the Full Pack here: https://www.africandrumming.com.au/cart/african-drumming-instructional-pack/

Time To Strap On


Shifting from sitting to standing can be a little daunting, but once you get comfortable with playing standing up you’ll discover a huge range of benefits. Firstly, standing gives you the opportunity to rove and dance whilst you drum – steeping up your performance groove and interaction with the audience and your ensemble too. You […]

Dexterity and Freedom


Having just finished another round of dexterity classes, it feels like a good time to summarise. Learning to play from both sides of the body is liberation to the hands of a djembe player. Our hands and our technique allow us to express what we hear in our mind. But the clear conduit for our […]

Djembe Solo Tip No 1.


For many budding djembefola, soloing in public can be the most confronting part of the musical journey… but when we tap into our creativity, learn a few helpful tips and feel relaxed, it can also be the most rewarding & exhilarating Here’s a quick tip to help you on your way. SPACE. Think of your […]



Welcome to the tone, or tonic as they say in Francophone Afrique. Quite often the first sound we all try to make and perhaps ironically the last sound we still try to perfect. The tone is warm and round and whilst it has a different frequency to the slap it should be no less prominent. […]



Ever wondered why it is so hard to get? Here’s a couple of quick tips for you aspiring Djembefolas. Drop the wrist lower than the edge of the drum surface – you need that extra angle to get the whipping action which is key to a singing slap. Loosen the tips of the fingers and […]