Rhythm Power and dexterity: Introductory class with Simon Fraser

By April 5, 2016Blog

Rhythm Power and
dexterity are two very important aspects to your playing:
Rhythm Power is your ability to feel (and/or hear) more than one rhythm at once. Drumming and singing or tapping your foot at the same time is a simple example of Rhythm Power.

Dexterity is the freedom in your hands to express the nuances of a rhythm and the creativity of your mind. This requires training, discipline and ambidexterity, and applies to both djembe and dunun playing.
My theory on Djembe goes a little like this –

Our hands are just conduits for our internal creativity. To execute our true personal groove and solo’s we need technique …. and lots of it . We need dexterity and no blockages or weaknesses in our bodies , especially on our non dominant side.

I have developed a range of exercises, grooves and rhythms to “free up” our physical constraints, give us more independence and get better sound and control out of our playing.

Come join me for a workshop that will give you insight into how to unlock these secrets in your playing.

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