Digital Pack for Instructions and Rhythms

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Rhythm Bible (25 rhythms)

From Crank it Up :
Jensa rhythm
Yaga rhythm

From Get on Down

This booklet catalogues 25 binary and ternary rhythms spanning beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. You’ll also find advice on technique, practice, exercises and a little theory too. Whether you’re a student keen to further your understanding, a teacher in search of an educational resource, or a seasoned performer looking to expand your repertoire, we hope this material inspires a deeper appreciation of this diverse and addictive music.


  • Technique Guide
  • Rhythm Power & Dexterity
  • Rhythmic Flow Chart
  • Notation Key & Glossary
  • 16 Binary Rhythms
  • 9 Ternary Rhythms

About the rhythms
This collection brings together rhythms from francophone djembe cultures of the Malinke peoples, as well as some Ghanaian pieces and contemporary arrangements. We’ve included accompanying information to help put the rhythm in context, with songs, cultural background, practical arrangement tips and more.

Beginner, intermediate, advanced ratings & levels
Each rhythm has two simple classifications to give you an idea of the skill the arrangement requires.

Rating      Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced.
Level        Level of difficulty: from 1 (easiest) to 3 (challenging).

About the notation
You don’t need to be able to read music to use this booklet. The notation system is really simple: for example “B” for bass, “T” for tone, and “S” for slap within a clear grid template. The notation key on page 6 explains it all.




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