Talking Drum: Senegalese Tama Master Series

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The Tama earned its western nickname the “Talking Drum” as the drum’s pitch can be regulated to the extent that it is said to ‘talk’

This is the Tama of the Wolof people, typified by its smaller dimensions. It produces the highest pitch of all Talking Drums and is among the oldest instruments used by West African griot

This unusual percussion instrument is played while tucked under one arm. A combination of finger tapping and strikes with the curved stick create tones which are regulated by the amount of tension put on the ropes when squeezed between the arm and the body

Timber – Lenke, Dugrarra or Khadi  – the densest and hardest West African timbers, known for powerful resonance and attack.

Skin – Finished with the traditional lizard skin or thin goat skin; Lizard skin is highly flexible and bright sounding skin, perfect for talking drum.

Complete with shoulder strap and traditional wooden striker

Approximate Dimensions (L x W x H):  25cm – 30cm x 10cm – 15cm x 10cm – 15cm
As these Tama are hand made, dimensions may vary slightly

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