Second Grade – 13.75″ Mali shell – Segou

AU $300.00

Classic tall, wide bowl Tassa djembe.

Country: Mali //  Wood: Lenke  //  Diameter: 13.75″
Height: 65cm  //  Weight: 7.8kg

Imperfection: Series of thin hairlines in bowl. Our Second Grade Djembes are treated, sealed, and carefully inspected to ensure no imperfections affect their performance. Covered under our Warranty; you can be confident that you’ll get many years of awesome rhythm from this drum.

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About the Timber
Lenke is a premium djembe timber, striking the balance between density and weight. Often referred to as the spiritual wood, lenke is typically orange or deep yellow in colour and offers great projection and the full tonal range of sound. It is well-suited to bigger drums and often produces powerful bass.


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