Second Grade – 13.25″ Ivory Coast shell – Golden Feature

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Classic shaped larger all rounder from Ivory Coast – lighter weight hardwood.
Nice wide bowl for maximum bass notes – Suited to shorter drummer.
Sanded with smooth bearing edge, oiled and ready to rock!

Country: Ivory Coast //  Wood: Iroko  //  Diameter: 13.25″
Height: 61cm  //  Weight: 7.7kg

Imperfections – several tiny bowl holes (disused ant marks)

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More Details

Our second grade shells include a wide range of styles and timbers from across West Africa.
There’s plenty of “project drums” in this range. ie Shells aren’t cosmetically perfect but will provide a first grade sound once they’ve been given some love (or not) and skinned up.
Imperfections include.
– Oval shaped head or wonky structure
– Cracks and hairline splits in bowl or pipe.
– Wood knots in the grain.
– Chips in the carvings

About the Timber
Iroko is a lighter-weight golden hardwood which produces more portable drums. Usually carved in Burkina Faso or Ivory Coast in a style emphasising crisp tones and slaps.


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