Primo Series – 15.5″ Guinea Shell Delux

AU $620.00

Superb heartwood XXL Shell
Painstakingly sanded and oiled, ready to skin
Interior pipe hairline (does not go through shell) fully repaired

Country: Guinea  //  Timber: Lenke– 100% heartwood
Diameter: 15.5″  //  Height: 63cm
Weight: 11.4kg

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More Details

This Primo Series Djembe shell is hand carved from Lenke timber. Lenke is a premium djembe timber, striking the balance between density and weight. Often referred to as the spiritual wood, lenke is typically orange or deep yellow in colour and offers great projection and the full tonal range of sound. It is well-suited to bigger drums and often produces powerful bass.

All of our djembe shells come with a bottom ring and two matched top rings included. If you have a preference for looser or tighter rings, let us know in your order!

Need a skin and rope to complete your masterpiece? Browse our Drum Making Supplies here.

Primo Series Shells – delux

  • African Hardwood shells from Guinea, Mali, Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso
  • Cleaned with hot soapy water
  • Bearing edges superbly prepared down to 240 Grit
  • two -3 coats of clear Danish oil to preserve the timber
  • Shell is ready to skin!



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