Master Series N’Goni – 12 String – Abu

AU $850.00

100% hand crafted in Burkina Faso, this soulful Kamale Ngoni is a more contemporary West African 12 string harp

Country: Burkina Faso  //  Weight: 4kg
Dimensions (L x W x H): 40cm x 43cm x 115cm

We recommend you purchase a bag to protect your n’goni.

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More Details

This 12 string Kamale N’Goni was hand made in Bobo Dialasso (Burkina Faso) from a resonating calabash, goat skin, wood and with nylon strings which produce a mellow, bluesy sound. It has well made guitar tuning keys too for easy adjustable tuning.

The N’Goni is the instrument of the traditional hunter societies of Mali and Guinea. In ancient times it was a sacred ceremonial instrument played during pre-hunt ceremonies to accompany the long, epic stories about famous hunters and mythology. The kamale n’goni is a modern variation of the donso n’goni. Kamale can be translated as “youth”, so the kamale n’goni is said the be the harp of the new generation to play modern arrangements on, rather than the traditional compositions.  Today kamale n’goni are usually made with ten, twelve or fourteen strings.


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