Mamady Keita – A Giaté (CD)

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After a returning to his roots (Balandugu Kan — fmd 218), Mamady wanted to combine his knowledge with the carriers of the traditions of the ethnic groups whose rhythms he had played throughout his career. More rhythms from the Sousou, Baga, Peul, Manian and Guerzé peoples, similar to the album Nankama (fmd 195).

Play List: 
1. Lamangboya (Manian, rythme Kuku) 8:06
2. A Giatè (Soussou) 3:24
3. Gonga Noweli (Peul) 7:20
4. Thio Tömou (Guerzé) 5:41
5. Gbayi Kene (Guerzé) 4:43
6. Djikuru Bamba (Manian, rythme Djembé) 5:45
7. Djon Na Nelan Photo… (Peul)
8. Dinyè (Malinké) 7:12
9. Mamady Lolè Nara (Soussou, rythme Manè) 8:00
10. Beni Danya (Malinké) 7:22
11. Mamady Barika (Malinké) 4:07

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