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Mamady Keita – Balandugo Kan (CD)

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It had been 36 years since Mamady had been in Balandugu, the village where he was born, at the time of the festivals for the end of the Ramadan. Featuring music and dancing in his honor, the singers and musicians of Balandugu, the music of the young girls, the griots of the brotherhood of hunters, in short, the “sound” of the village during four days of jubilations.

Play List: 

Disc I
1. 20 Janvier 1999
2. Djabè
3. Nama
4. Kogno Foli
5. Soboninkun
6. Samakoro
7. Konden
8. Kene Foli
9. Sene Foli
10. Fankani

Disc II
1. Jeux De Fillettes
2. Fe
3. Djaa
4. Mendiani
5. Kene Foli (Version 2)
6. Lolamba
7. Alla Gnalen Mamady La
8. Tanan
9. Tonomadan

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