Mali Mudcloth Shirt #065

AU $95.00

Wear this while eating Ghana’s famous banana chips!

Height (cm): 76
Chest (cm): 58

Completely handmade, traditional style. Direct from Mali.

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Mudcloth, also called Bògòlanfini or simply bogolan, is a handmade Malian cotton fabric and an iconic symbol of West African art and cultural heritage. Mudcloth dyeing was pioneered by the women of Mali’s Bambara culture, many years ago. Each pattern is rich in cultural significance. They often refer to historical events, animals or mythological concepts and proverbs.

A single piece can take several months to produce. The careful process of dyeing and painting using fermented mud requires considerable skill and patience. Malian fine artists of today use mudcloth designs and techniques in their paintings and the fabric remains popular in contemporary fashion.

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