Jeli Ngoni – Nuna

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Traditional design from Mali, West Africa.

Strings: 3

Constructed of a hollow Khadi hardwood body covered with goat skin, a fretless fingerboard and 3 synthetic strings which traverse the bridge and are tensioned by leather straps.
Guitar tuning keys.

Length: 85cm  //  Width: 13cm  //  Depth: 10cm  // Weight: 2.5kg


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Traditional Jeli Ngoni from Mali

Jeli Ngoni (pronounced “jelly nn-gon-ee”) is a traditional Mande lute played by the jeli (griot: traditional musicians). The Jeli N’goni is one of the oldest instruments of the jeli, pre-dating the balafon and kora, and is considered the ancestor of the modern-day banjo

Played with a picking technique using the thumb and index finger, accented with percussive knocking and tapping



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