Harmonic Healing Chimes

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Align your physical and emotional state with these soothing, pure tonal Chimes.
The set of 6 note Harmonic Healing Chimes comes with a hanging chord, striker and bag.

Length :: Low Note :: Chakra
322mm     ::     1628Hz     :: Throat
354mm    ::     852Hz       :: Third Eye
374mm     ::     767Hz       :: Throat
410mm      ::     638Hz     :: Navel
435mm      ::     568Hz     :: Third Eye
458mm     ::     512Hz      ::  Base

Dimensions: Striker: 21cm

Watch these chimes in action below >>

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More Details

This Set of 6 Harmonic Tuned Healing Chimes is tuned to be in touch with the physical plane of existence of your body. The physical plane revolves around the 5 human senses and various parts of our physical bodies like the tissues, fluids, bones, and organs. Each tube is tuned to relate to a different state of consciousness and body posture. These chimes produce pure sounds and overtones for instant relaxation and self-centering. The chimes are made from heat-treated aluminum pipes and are hand-tuned, creating clean tones with long sustain and a great potential for emotional and spiritual healing

Chakras guide

Our list below suggests frequencies for the different chakra centres.
Can’t find the frequency on the list? If you halve or double a frequency, it gives the same note an octave down or up: try doubling or halving your frequency until it falls in one of the ranges below. See examples:

Crown: 229.5-249.5Hz | Third Eye: 204-229.5Hz
Throat: 187-204Hz | Heart: 172-187Hz
Navel: 153-172Hz | Sacral: 136-153Hz
Base: 124.5-136Hz

Example 1: Take 108Hz. 108 x 2 = 216Hz … Third Eye Chakra.
Example 2: Take 972Hz. 972 / 2 = 486HZ. 486 / 2 = 243Hz … Crown Chakra.


We recommend using good quality headphones for all our sound grabs – they’re recorded at high fidelity for your listening pleasure!


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