Goat – Full Hides – Hair off


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A full size goat washed hide, available in a range of thicknesses.
These skins have not been radiated or chemically treated!

Washed:  They are washed with a natural lime solution (as found in the garden) which removes 100% of the hair. Perfect for people wanting a hassle free and fast solution to re-skinning.
Sound great on all Indo and medium density drums like Ghana (Twenaboa) and  Ivory Coast (Iroko)

A quick guide to choosing the right skin:

  • Thinner skins tend to be more responsive. Their sounds are higher and brighter. They are easier on the hands and more suited to new players
  • Medium skins are well balanced with warm tones and bright slaps
  • Thick skins are very rich and warm sounding. They take a little longer to play in, but once settled they have a very melodic quality

As these are natural products sizes vary slightly

Standard….. 85cm x 67cm  (One large and one small drum)
X Large…… 100cm x 78cm  (Two standard drums)

AD Hide Guarantee
All of our hides are covered by 100% warranty up until the point that they are soaked. We carefully check and hand pick all hides and do our best to make sure that every one is up to scratch. If you’re not 100% happy with your hide before this point, simply return to us and we’ll get it replaced. Please note that the return postage is covered by the customer, and the replacement postage is covered by us.

Need Advice?
You’re welcome to call us for advice (03) 9525 3073
Or email us: [email protected]

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm



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