Ghana Series 11″ Clean-Carve Djembe

AU $315.00

The classic 11″ Ghana djembe with a clean-carved shell. You can leave this djembe as-is or add your own decorative flair! Light weight, with bright slaps and big bass. Perfect entry level djembe for a 9 – to 13-year-old.

Rope colour may vary.

Get a free Ghana padded cloth bag when you buy this djembe!

Country: Ghana  //  Wood: Twenaboa  //  Diameter: 11″
Height: 54-58cm  //  Weight: 3-4kg  //  Skin: Thin to Medium Goat

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More Details

Timber: Twenaboa wood is a medium density timber which is quicker to carve than the hardwoods; makes for great entry level djembes with all the key sounds

Skin: Thinner skins are responsive, sound higher and brighter, and are easier on the hands for new players. Medium skins are well-rounded, striking a balance between brightness and warmth. We take care to find the best hide for the shell to maximise its dynamic range.

We offer LIFE LONG TUNING on every African Djembe bought from us  Just drop your drum in our St Kilda shop and we’ll do our best to crank it on the spot for you, or you can pick it up the next day. We’ll also give you advice on how to best look after your drum.

Comes with free Drum Care and Tuning Guides to help you get the most out of your drum!

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