Lap Cajon #020 by Tawanda Gadzikwa

AU $145.00

Designed and hand-made by local artist Tawanda Gadzikwa in Victoria. Super lightweight, with warmth and snap. Slim size makes it super portable.

– Tasmanian Oak body
– Resonant ply playing surface
– Mega portable
– Internal zills

Height: 8cm  //  Width: 27cm
Depth: 27cm  //  Weight: 1.2kg

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Lap cajon by local artist Tawanda Gadzikwa. Tawanda hails from Zimbabwe, and he has brought his cajon craftsmanship all the way to Australia. We are delighted to present his custom made contemporary cajons. There are lots of different styles of his cajon variants, and each one is unique! See the rest of our Cajons here.

The cajón is a round or box-shaped percussion instrument from Peru. It is played by slapping the front face with the hands. It is thought to have been invented by slaves of West and Central African origin in the Americas, specifically Peru. The instrument above takes inspiration from the cajon in its design.

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Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

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