Djidunun – Calabash Water Drum

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Djidunun is a beautiful instrument that is hard to find outside West Africa. Originating from Mali (with the Bambara) and Guinea (with the Mandinke), they have become popular in Burkina Faso and the rest of West Africa.

The larger gourd is filled with water and the smaller gourd is placed inside with the dome facing upwards, creating a playing surface.

Comes complete with Large Calabash, Small Calabash, Stand, Mallets and Carry Bag.

Average Dimensions

Large Gourd……….. 38cm x 18cm
Small Gourd………  24cm x 18cm

Only 2 left in stock (can be backordered)

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More Details

Want to Extend your Djidunun Range?

Add to your collection with another Half Calabash. Any gourd can be filled with water to hold a smaller one. Try different combinations for new sounds!

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