Daf Frame Drum by Matt Stonehouse

AU $800.00

A magnificent daf (or daff) frame drum, entirely hand crafted from rare inlaid Tasmanian Huon pine. Beautiful sustain, enriched with the classic daf sounds by the metal rings. Great drive and attack.. The frame features a tuning system, so you can dial in the tension to where you like it. See this Frame Drum in Action Below!

Country: Australia  //  Style: Persian, Kurdish
Timber: Huon Pine  //  Skin: Goat
Diameter: 19.5″  //  Depth: 8cm  //  Weight: 0.85kg

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See this amazing daf frame drum being played in the video below.

About Matt Stonehouse

Matt Stonehouse is an Australian percussionist and instrument maker, specialising in bespoke frame drums. He works almost exclusively with hand tools. He painstakingly crafts each instrument over the space of several weeks, using carefully selected local timbers. The result is a one-of-a-kind, professional-quality instrument for life.

See more of his work at his website.

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Weight 1.85 kg

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