Burkina Azza – Nayerina (CD)

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Burkina Azza (which means “Burkina Griot” in the Bobo language) is a talented ensemble based in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Led by djembefola and multi-instrumentalist Adama Koita, the troupe is an outstanding collection of world class artists from Djibasso in the north west of Burkina, born into the musical world of the griots of Bwaba ethnicity.

Play List:
1. Burkina Azza
2. Farafina Baro
3. Djaka
4. Benkady
5. Lamogoya
6. Baro
7. Kalambalya
8. Nayerina
9. Amiya
10. Hommage A Papa Zoura



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