Bolon Acoustic Bass Harp (5)

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Needs a little bit of love as it has a small crack at the top of the neck and one down at the very bottom of the gourd.
Sounds great and is in full working order but would suit someone looking for a repair/ rebuild project

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The Bolon is an acoustic arched bass harp of the Malinke people of Mali & Guinea and is amoung the oldest harps in the world. Its construction is unique – unlike all other harp-lutes, the strings of the bolon tie to the bridge itself

Our Bolon are hand made by master artisans in Conakry from traditional materials: the body is a calash (resonating gourd) covered with hide, the strings are sinew (conditioned with shea butter), and the wooden bridge has a small sessi atop

Played with a plucking technique while intricate percussive rhythms are played by hitting and tapping the gourd

Approximate Dimensions (L x W x H):  40cm x 46cm x 114cm
As this instrument is hand made from natural materials dimensions vary slightly


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