Bolon Acoustic Bass Harp (5)

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The Bolon is an acoustic arched bass harp of the Malinke people of Mali & Guinea and is amoung the oldest harps in the world. Its construction is unique – unlike all other harp-lutes, the strings of the bolon tie to the bridge itself

Our Bolon are hand made by master artisans in Conakry from traditional materials: the body is a calash (resonating gourd) covered with hide, the strings are sinew (conditioned with shea butter), and the wooden bridge has a small sessi atop

Played with a plucking technique while intricate percussive rhythms are played by hitting and tapping the gourd

Approximate Dimensions (L x W x H):  40cm x 46cm x 114cm
As this instrument is hand made from natural materials dimensions vary slightly

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Dimensions 40.00000000 × 46.00000000 × 115.00000000 cm


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