41cm Ceremonial Gong – Punu

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Third Eye Chakra Gong
These traditional gongs are hand hammered from a special 5-metal alloy.

Low note: 214Hz High Note: 316Hz
Suitable For: Third Eye Chakra
Dimensions: Diameter 41cm/ 16″ | Height: 1.4cm | Striker: 28cm
Gong weight: 2.2kg.
Comes with a heavy mallet.

Watch this singing gong in action below>>

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The density of the material creates a long, complex resonance when struck. Play the centre of the gong for a cleaner note or strike the edge for a crashing shimmer of sound!

Some practitioners believe certain frequencies can target specific parts of the body, enabling the healing of certain ailments. If you want to work with specific chakras, you can choose a gong based on its tonal frequencies.
Please note that the mallet colour may vary.

Chakras guide

Our list below suggests frequencies for the different chakra centres.
Can’t find the frequency on the list? If you halve or double a frequency, it gives the same note an octave down or up: try doubling or halving your frequency until it falls in one of the ranges below. See examples:

Crown: 229.5-249.5Hz | Third Eye: 204-229.5Hz
Throat: 187-204Hz | Heart: 172-187Hz
Navel: 153-172Hz | Sacral: 136-153Hz
Base: 124.5-136Hz

Example 1: Take 108Hz. 108 x 2 = 216Hz … Third Eye Chakra.
Example 2: Take 972Hz. 972 / 2 = 486HZ. 486 / 2 = 243Hz … Crown Chakra.

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