Custom Made Djembes

Want a djembe to be built to your specifications? Let’s make it happen.
Choose your shell then choose your own customised add-ons. We only charge for the materials; there’s no additional cost for the customisation itself!

Drum Making workshop:

Saturday February 10th – 11:00am – 3:00pm – Drum Making workshop @ African Drumming HQ

– Skin selection – VERY important in terms of the sound the drum will end up having. We have several options including goat, calf and cow from Australia, West Africa and Indo which can be found here on our skins page.
– Oiling the shell – choose what kind of finish you’d like on the exterior. Glossy or matt?

– Choosing the fabric we wrap the rings with – we have a HUGE selection of colourful African fabrics.
– Choose your rope colour – choose from over 10 colour varieties of solid or mixed tones, options for rope can be found here on our website.

Let us know what kind of sound you’re looking for so that we can find the perfect skin for you. Alternatively, have our drum maker to balance the skin to the drum.
We use premium goat hide, or cow if requested. We stock a variety of quality hides of all colours, thickness’s and finishes. You can choose your own rope colour too.

Check out our drum making workshop page for more information

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