Only 2 weeks to go until our Spring retreat

By November 5, 2015Blog

If you want to take your drumming up the next level then this is the weekend for you – total beginner, long term intermediate or die-hard advanced, we’ve got the content to push your skills!
We’ll be focusing on your technique (djembe and dun), the structure of a rhythm, how to get thNovember 16, 2013-untitled128e most of your drumming practice, and the life and mental perspective required to have the most fun possible when playing!
If you’ve never drummed before, this will be a great immersion into the joy drumming can bring to your life. If you drum already, then be ready to take on the aspects of your drumming that are holding you back from even richer musical experiences.

Don’t be daunted but do be ready to sweat it out!

Find more details here or at our facebook event