New Dun Workshop!

By October 14, 2015Blog

DunDunDanWe are very proud to announce a brand new dun workshop series with DunDunDan! (you can learn more about her on our page:

Developing Dun Techniques – Passionately handcrafted for existing dun players at any level, beginners are welcome.

Thursday Oct 29th & Thursday Nov 5th
6:30pm – 8pm
$26 / $23 concession

Duns, sticks, bells & strikers provided, though if you have your own gear we strongly suggest you bring it – playing your own duns is key to really achieving fluid motion and deep muscle memory. No two duns are the same!

This two part workshop is aimed to provide dun players with basic tools to enhance their independence, control, sensitivity, timing, dynamics and ability to play their instruments with grace and finesse.

Students of any level with learn these techniques for duns:
Ballet & Traditional style setups
Bell striking
Dynamic control – bell and stick striking
Learning endurance/stamina training

An awesome opportunity to grow your playing, understand the technique behind better playing and unlocking more of the joy in playing duns. If you haven’t had a lot of dun training – and even if you have – then this is the class for you!

Bookings essential, to book your spot please contact us at
[email protected]