It’s here! – The RHYTHM POWER 2015/16 TOUR PACK

By March 10, 2015Blog

It’s here – The RHYTHM POWER 2015/16 TOUR PACK with everything you need to know about our next trip starting Dec 28th this year!  It’s a unique trip covering two of Africa’s most diverse musical landscapes – The ancient soul of Burkina Faso and Colour and smiles of Ghana.

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This unique African drum and dance tour will take you on an immersive 2 part journey into the culture, music and community of some of Africa’s most interesting peoples. Our West African drum and dance tour connects you to like-minded people in a safe & relaxed atmosphere and together you’ll drum and dance your hearts out on the Atlantic Coast in Ghana and the Sahel Region of Burkina Faso .

During the course of the tour, everyone will get the chance to jam with local musicians and take part in some wonderful ceremonies as well as drumming & dancing alongside your teachers.

With accompaniments, breaks, solos and songs for traditional rhythms, you’ll have the opportunity to drum & dance from sun-up to sun-down with the opportunity to advance your playing beyond measure.

Visit the Ekome website for full details of this tour.


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