How music can really help you and your kids these school holidays

By March 27, 2020Blog

As we know, music is a wonderful outlet for children, encouraging creativity, expression and confidence that are fundamental components of a healthy development. The school holidays are upon us and we understand that this can often be a stressful time for parents, who constantly have to come up with fresh and stimulating activities for their young ones. Fortunately, music is a wonderful distraction! But more importantly: it’s an educational and fun exercise that nurtures and brings out a number of important developmental skills:

Creativity and music: Encourages kids to flex their personality at home in an open, safe space.

Confidence and music: The ability to acquire a new skill is empowering, especially for a developing child.

Mindfulness and music: Allows children to be present with their instrument.

Communication and music: If a child doesn’t feel comfortable using their voice they can express themselves instead through an instrument.

Music therapy is a common tool used on children as it can affect mood, relieve stress, improve motor skills and connect the individual with his/her external reality. We’re all about music therapy here at African Drumming and we have a range of wonderful and accessible instruments for children of all ages! Expand your child’s home activities with one or several of the below:

? Kids Djembes
? Bongos
? Ankle and wrist shakers
? Egg shakers
? Kids Packs (On sale now)
? Kiss Kass
? Mini dununs (On sale now)

+ heaps more! 

? The shells of our Indonesian drums are solid timber sourced from renewable plantations of Mahogany.

? 5% of funds from the sale of every Indonesian djembe goes towards the “East-Java Plant a Tree Program.”

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