Friday Dun time!

By October 16, 2015Blog

Dunun are the bass drums of the West African ensemble, named by the Mandé blacksmiths. A set comprises a dununba (low pitch,) sangban (mid pitch,) and kenkeni (high pitch,) tuned to relative thirds. The duns are the beating heart of the ensemble, providing the bass patterns which drive the music and lay the rhythmic foundation to which the rest of the instruments synchronise. Like the djembe, the dunun are part of the membranophone family of musical instruments, consisting of a
wooden shell covered by a membrane. The hides are tensioned by the same system of rings and rope.
Dunun shells are large wooden barrels skinned with cow hide which is much thicker and has a lower tonal
range than goat. They are played with sticks.
We are excited about these new babies all the way from Guinea. Two distinct hardwoods – golden Melina and tiger grain Khadi ( the densest of African hardwoods)