Location: Palace Hotel (Upstairs), 893 Burke Road, Camberwell VIC

Beginners: Tuesdays @6.15pm – 7.45pm
Intermediate: Tuesdays @8pm – 9.30pm

About Beginners Drum Classes

Suitable for those with no or limited experience in hand drumming.
The emphasis at the Beginner Level is on:

  • having fun
  • learning basic technique on the djembe (bass, tone and slap)
  • appreciating West African music
  • developing groove, control & listening skills
  • working together to become an ensemble
  • introducing soloing as a group
  • working on timing
  • exploring basic musical concepts


How do I pay?
Please pay in cash at class

Do I need to bring a drum?
Only if you want to! We will have a drum ready for you at class – you don’t need to have your own. Ask your teacher about renting a drum so you can practice between classes

Do I have to stay at one location for the Cycle?
It is wise. Each location teaches a different rhythm so you’ll struggle if you switch it up

When can I move up to Intermediates?
Have a chat with your teacher to get a gauge on where you’re at. We’re always keen to see students progress to the next level! Students who have a musical background, are often ready after 1 or 2 cycles. Most students find the confidence to progress after 4 to 5 cycles.

I’m a kit drummer – can I skip the beginner’s class?
Your experience will hold you in good stead, but hand drumming is a different kettle of fish. You’ll need to take a least one beginners course to get yourself up to speed and comfortable with the djembe

About Intermediate Drum Classes

Suitable for those who have completed at least one Beginner Course or with some previous hand drumming experience

The emphasis at the Intermediate Level is on:

  • developing clearly differentiated tones and slaps
  • playing at faster tempos
  • understanding the relationships between bell, dunun and djembe
  • exploring different time signatures (like 4/4 and 6/8)
  • preparing full arrangements for performance
  • building on more difficult group solos and personal freestyling
  • maintaining a solid tempo and holding accompaniment parts within poly rhythmic structures

Our Advice

Students at this level should seriously consider investing in their own djembe. More intensive practice is needed beyond class to hold your own at the Intermediate level, and is essential if you’re looking for an invitation to the Advanced Class. Check out our range of djembes here and talk to your teacher about a Student Discount Card


I’m ready for more, but not quite ready for the advanced class. What shall I do?
Join Sessi Sessi via the Performance Skills Class!

I want to join the advanced class – can I get an invite?
We’re always excited to advance a student up a level and stand out players players are often spotted at Tribalism. Be aware that the Advanced level is a real step up and requires practice. Talk to your teacher about the best way forward

If you’re not within our School, you’re welcome to enquire. Drop Simon an email to discuss joining: [email protected]

Casual Rate

$ 26 / 23

concession / full

Day: Tuesday
Beginners: 6:15pm – 7:45pm
Intermediates: 8:00pm – 9:30pm
LocationPalace Hotel (Upstairs),
893 Burke Rd, Camberwell

Cycle Rate

$ 145 / 130

concession / fullDay: Tuesday
Beginners: 6:15pm – 7:45pm
Intermediates: 8:00pm – 9:30pm
LocationPalace Hotel (Upstairs),
893 Burke Rd, Camberwell

2019 Class Cycles

You can join the 1st or 2nd week of a 6 week class cycle to maximize your enjoyment and learning experience. If you miss the 2nd week, we recommend joining the following cycle.

Cycle #1 – Join our St Kilda or Camberwell classes on January 15th or January 22nd
Cycle #2 – Join our St Kilda or Camberwell classes on February 26th or March 5th
Cycle #3 – Join our St Kilda or Camberwell classes on April 9th or April 16th
Cycle #4 – Join our St Kilda or Camberwell classes on May 21st or May 28th
Cycle #5 – Join our St Kilda or Camberwell classes on July 2nd or July 9th
Cycle #6 – Join our St Kilda or Camberwell classes on August 13th or August 20th
Cycle #7 –  Join our St Kilda or Camberwell classes on September 24th or October 1st
Cycle #8 – Join our St Kilda or Camberwell classes on November 5th or November 12th

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Walk-ins welcome :: Check the class welcome page for start dates :: If you have any questions please contact us

Teacher Profile: Laura Kirkwood

Laura has been studying percussion for over 12 years, touring and recording with various bands ranging from jazz to ska. Following the beat of her own drum, she attended African Drumming’s 2013 tour to West Africa, studying with Master drummers in Ghana and Burkina Faso. She became fascinated in how music is central to the flow of life, igniting an interest to study different cultures music. After completing African Drumming’s Teacher Training Course, Laura had the opportunity to teach workshops across Australia, and began teaching her own music therapy classes in Brisbane. Having studied Latin music at the University of Florida, she has since been accepted into postgraduate studies in ethnomusicology at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music in 2017. Laura believes that music can transcend language barriers and is sometimes a language of its own.