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The Mande Kora are the most sophisticated harp in the family of West Africa bridge harps and harp-lutes. Its construction and music are unique in the world.

The Kora has a centuries-old musical tradition, being played at royal courts and grand festivals. Found in all Mande cultures, the Kora is played by the Mandinka in Gambia, Senegal and Guinea Bissau, the Malinke and Maninka in Guinea, the Bambara and Bamana in Mali and the Dioula in Côte d’Ivoire. It is in Gambia and Casamance (Southern Senegal) however that the Kora has the greatest importance for social life.

The Kora has a large hemispherical body, a long neck and two planes with strings running in notches at the sides of an upright mounted bridge. The playing style resembles the finger picking of a blues guitar, and the placement of the strings allows for the playing of chords and harmonies along with fast melodic runs.

Our Kora are stunning professional quality instruments, handmade by masters in Conakry from a large gourd, goat skin and 21 nylon strings. Finished off with guitar tuning keys.


This Kora has plain tuning keys, with a map of African on the back
** The lower base of the Gourd has a hairline surface fission which has been repaired



Approximate Dimensions
(L x W x H):  50cm x 50cm x 150cm
As these instruments are hand made from natural materials dimensions may vary slightly

This is a special plus sized item which will be sent via courier. Please call us here at African Drumming on (03) 9525 3073 to purchase this item.

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