Mamady Keita’s Nankama Book 2016


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Brand new for 2016!

With 72 rhythms in total, this new fabulous tome contains 25 traditional rhythms, including 9 dununba rhythms, as well as farming, initiation, wedding and many others. There are also 47 rhythms that are new creations and adaptions. Most are by Mamady with a few from various ballets for which he has played. In this book, Mamady takes his decades of experience and weaves a new musical tradition. In this tradition we know not only the meaning and use of the rhythms, but also who created them.

A must-have for any djembe and Mamady aficionado.

Plus, there is audio included with the Book!

We will send you download link for the mp3’s once your purchase has been made. For each rhythm of the 21 rhythms listed below, there are tracks for: Djembe 1, Djembe 2, Dununba, Sangban, Kenkeni, & Ensemble (i.e. all together).

  1. Atuka
  2. Balandugu Sila
  3. Bara
  4. Bolowi
  5. Dembaya
  6. Deninya
  7. Djigui
  8. Djoma
  9. Dubalen
  10. Dunun Kuda
  11. Famoudou
  12. Kalah
  13. Kedju
  14. Koma
  15. Kuruni
  16. Lanaya
  17. Matoto
  18. Seli Karo
  19. Sewa
  20. Sire
  21. Touma

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