Gnawa Iron Castanet – Qaraqueb


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From Morocco

Like most hand cymbals, there are two for each hand. Each Qarkabeb, consists of two flat metal bars with two convex disks at each end. Two bars are linked at one end by a metal ring, and each has straps for your fingers. To play, slip your thumb and fingers under the strap. The opening and closing of your hands slaps the cymbals together to produce a loud clank-y sound. With a set of two you can produce rhythm patterns from the very simple to very complex. ‘Gnawa’ defines both the religious order of a Moroccan Black Muslim group and their music style. Over 900 years ago, slavery, conscription and trade brought people from West Africa to Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. Enslaved people from Ancient Ghana were called Gnawa. The descendants of these enslaved groups are Morocco’s most colourful Muslim ethnic group. While they have retained many of the customs, rituals and beliefs of their ancestors, their music is the most preserved trait. Other names for this instrument include: Qaraqsh, Qaraqueb , Qarkeb, Qraqeb, Tiqarqaawen, Shaqahaq, Qarkabeb.

Approximate Dimensions (L x W x H): 28cm x 11cm x 6cm

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