jeremy prentice

Joined the Crew: 2008 Part time, 2010 Full time,  2016 changed back Part time
Day-to-day goings on: Managing, Teaching, & Facilitation
Favourite Part(s) of the Job: Teaching, shooting awesome video content
Plays: Djembe, dunun

I first joined the AD Team back in May 2008 as the Saturday guy: tuning drums, selling stock, and getting to know the AD way of life. Not long after that I began teaching at St Kilda, with Camberwell being added in May 2009. Little did any of us know that in less than 2 years I would be Managing the business full time, leading the Corporate facilitation, taking to the road for our Teacher Training sessions, and having such a good time doing it all!

Favourite aspects of my role definitely include teaching (especially the Performance Skills Class), managing our online content and marketing, and choosing the next gorgeous djembe off the shelf to be made up and given voice.

Musically, I first started drumming in 2005 and had no idea that djembe would take over my life. I cut my teeth with performing and leading Purple Dog Rhythms, a student ensemble that played for anyone anywhere and gave away the proceeds. The trip to Africa in 2010 was integral to the next chapter of my learning, as was my constant tutelage under Mady Keita and the other various top end teachers and players in Melbourne.

In mid 2016 we’ve tweaked my role again to be part time yet still doing all the things I love = win-win!

There is no greater feeling than a beautifully played rhythm with like minded people!