We’re all drummers and we’re all about drumming.

We run things from here in Melbourne and you’re bound to bump into one of us sooner or later – literally if you’re a local, or figuratively if you call or email.

Shout out to the Australia wide community and our satellite teams in NSW, SA, WA, NT, TAS and QLD.

Simon ``Fraz`` Fraser


My Melbourne based business, ``African Drumming — Centre for West African Culture`` is focused on tuition in traditional Drum and Dance. Regular workshops at the St Kilda studio location are punctuated with classes by visiting touring groups such as Wala from Ghana, and Sydney based Mohata, which includes the Bangoura brothers Mohamed and Sibu from Guinea.s the Bangoura brothers Mohamed and Sibu from Guinea.

Bruno ‘Ginga’ De Moura Floriano

Drum Maker

Bruno “Ginga” De Moura Floriano is is our resident drum maker by day and Treinel of Capoeira by night!

After surviving the sternest of 2 year apprenticeships with the Grand Master of drum makers Mady Keita, Bruno has flourished into an accomplished craftsman in his own right. A highly organized dude, he is patient and sensitive to the nuances of drum making. Ginga has been producing drums full time for 6 years now, predominantly crafting djembes and duns but also working with Persian, American Indian, South American and East African drums.

Pauly “Pavlos” Giannis

Retail Team

With a deep love of all things percussive Pauly happily joined the AD family full time in May 2015 (he was part of the family long before then!). As our go-to man on the warehouse floor, Pauly is likely the first face you’ll see when you walk in the door. With a ready smile and keen to talk anything drum related, Pauly forms the backbone of our daily operations picking and packing orders, working the retail floor, repairing djembe shells, stepping in to offer rhythmic support on gigs – you name it, Pauly can do it.